Sons of anarchy sex scenes

Jax decided to tell Abel that Wendy was his first mommy. Though the bullets were fired off-camera, the blood-drenched crime scene was so horrifying, you felt as though you were an eye witness. Finally, Marks was set to return Bobby, whose jaw was freshly broken for the occasion. So to honor this step forward in equal-opportunity objectification, let's remind ourselves of all of those groundbreaking nudity moments, mostly starring Charlie -- err, Jax:. Once Pope and his men took Tig inside, Jax took out another gun, shot the man who was supposed to be watching him, and ran inside to—thankfully—get to Tig before Pope executed him. Jarry wanted to solve another mystery first:

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Clay locked eyes with Gemma through the blinds, and then Jax fired at his throat.

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'Sons of Anarchy': 50 Most Shocking Moments

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Tig. Tara later being arrested as an accomplice would do that, too. The completely inopportune moment hinted at the wild dysfunction that would ensue in subsequent seasons. Who expected her to die when Sheriff Roosevelt was waiting outside? The Irish blow up the clubhouse. That established the matriarch as a player with all the subtlety of a steel pipe to the head.

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sons of anarchy sex scenes
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sons of anarchy sex scenes
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