Do nancy and andy ever hook up on weeds

Again, Andy will always do what she wants at the end Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5. The DEA agent, who she married in Season 1, had a stash of hidden money according to his ex-wife, remember? A video is up at Sho. This post is probably really old. The kind of BFF's that text each other and go to a movie and the diner afterwards. First of the Nancy and Andy stuff.

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Found it to be very entertaining throughout…was mildly disappointed by the last season, but long-running shows are hard to wrap up.

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She also thinks shes kinda of a selfish bitch because lets be real, during the show Nancy was portrayed that way. I want to be BFF's with him. Part of Andy wanting to go is his desire to be a badass--which he'll never be, let's face it--but he's obviously worried. There are these little moments here and there that suggest Nancy feels Poe tha god November 12, You would have screwed it up within a week. Your ending sucked it reminded me of the Sopranos ending, which also sucked.

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