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In the third experiment, researchers compared oxidative stress levels of stationary bees with bees that were transported across North Carolina for three hours each day for six consecutive days — a more intensive bee travel regimen than the second experiment. In the first large-scale and comprehensive study on the impacts of transporting honey bees to pollinate various crops, research from North Carolina State University shows that travel can adversely affect bee health and lifespan. We also found that migration affected oxidative stress levels in honey bees, but that food scarcity had an even larger impact; some detrimental effects of migration may be alleviated by a greater abundance of forage. They are frequently trucked around the United States — in short and long distances — to pollinate crops like apples, almonds and berries. In the second experiment, researchers compared lifespan and colony health of migratory bees that traveled relatively short distances in North Carolina — 35 to 60 miles in a handful of trips — to stationary bees; both types of colonies were controlled by the researchers. Traveling colony bees lived about one day less than the stationary bees. I am starting to teach this very thing to our children in schools.

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As the flowers dried up in the North Carolina summer heat, stationary bees had to work harder to find food while the traveling bees were moved into fields of blooming plants and therefore did better.

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Nutrition Matters: Stress From Migratory Beekeeping May Be Eased by Access to Food

This land was full of native forage for our pollinators. Most pollination in large-scale agriculture is dependent on managed colonies of a single species, the honey bee Apis mellifera. More than 1 million hives are transported to California each year just to pollinate the almonds, and bees are trucked across the country for various cropping systems. View Comments 4 total responses. We detected a significant decrease in lifespan of migratory adult bees relative to stationary bees.

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